Christopher Scott Knell

Born on New York City's Lower East Side, Christopher Scott Knell began his career in the 1970's at Pacifica Radio's WBAI-FM as an apprentice / intern / volunteer who worked his way up to assistant producer and board op for Bob Fass' "Radio Unnameable". He was the engineer of many memorable radio moments including the live reading of "The Nixon Watergate Transcripts" and many "Live from Studio C" concerts at the famous Church Headquarters on East 62nd street in Manhattan. Regular in-studio guests included Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Wavy Gray and Abbie Hoffman.

Christopher continued his education by exchanging his radio expertise for credit at many colleges and universities during the late 70's including WYBC-Yale Broadcasting, WGVL-University of Florida, WRPI-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and WSCR-South Hampton Collage Radio. He also graduated in the top of his class from the NYU affiliated Institute of Audio Research [IAR] in New York's Greenwich Village.

In the early 1980's, Christopher set out to become a staff member of NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and became a member of the staging crew for SNL, "The Today Show", "David Letterman", and the "NBC Nightly News" among others. During SNL's summer hiatus', he joined the crews of many Broadway plays and The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center.

Feeling a need to be outside in the sunlight. Christopher decided to move on from the studio life and relocated to Orlando, Florida in 1998 to undertake a position as a contractor to the United Space Alliance as a VIP tour guide at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral. Along the way he taught himself the art of video editing using Apple's Final Cut Pro and began filming and editing the videos of over 30 Shuttle launches. After the attacks of 9/11 and the Shuttle Columbia disaster, Christopher decided to take it on the road once again and moved to Los Angeles to continue his career in the film and broadcast business.

Since his arrival in L.A., he has continued to hone his craft while editing and creating visual effects on numerous features, concert videos, commercials and documentaries. Christopher has also frequently taken the positions of Camera Operator and Field Sound Engineer. Some of Christopher's projects include: "US vs John Lennon" Sound recordist. "Tranced" 2nd Assistant Camera, Editor, Visual Effects Supervisor, Visual Effects Supervisor. "Jessica Simpson - Reality Tour Live" Titles "Macy Gray - Live in Las Vegas" Titles, HD Online Editor "Fat Joe - Live at Anaheim House of Blues" Event Stage Manager, Titles, Assistant Editor "Dean Martin Duets" Produced by Phil Ramone. 1st Assist. Camera / Utilities Christopher constantly has his nose in the technical trade papers and is on the staff of and/or consultant to numerous educational organizations in the LA area including HDExpo [] where he is the "Virtual HD Expo" video compressionist and the Digital Cinema Society [ ] where he is on the advisory board.